Symptoms of Vitamin K Overdose

Vitamin K is essential for making the blood clots that quickly stop the bleeding whenever you injure yourself. Vitamin K toxicity is rare. There are three forms of vitamin K: vitamin K1, which is in foods; vitamin K2, which is made in the small intestine of the body; and vitamin K3, the synthetic form, called menadione.

Researches reported that the K3 or menadione can be toxic. In fact, the FDA has banned this synthetic vitamin K from supplements.

Currently there is no upper limit for vitamin K. There is no known toxicity with high doses of vitamin K1 or vitamin K2. One form of vitamin K, menadione (vitamin K3), is no longer used for vitamin K deficiency treatment because it may interact with glutathione, an important antioxidant.

Signs of Vitamin K toxicity

  • Excess of dose could cause excessive clotting as vitamin K helps to form clots that protect from profuse bleeding. Blood clot formation, or thrombosis, is a symptom of vitamin K toxicity.
  • Kidney Tubal Degeneration is another serious symptoms;
    If the kidneys are not functioning properly and cannot process high levels of vitamin K, it may be retained and cause K toxicity. This can lead to kidney damage, especially to the cells lining the urinary tubes.
  • Hemolytic Anemia in Infants;

Newborns have very little vitamin K in their bodies at birth. This is a danger, as any significant bleeding could cause life-threatening effects.

Best source of Vitamin K is natural food. You can easily get it from all the dark-green leafy vegetables, like kale, broccoli, and cabbage, are good choices. Strawberries are also good. Some animal foods, including egg yolks and liver, have small amounts of Vitamin K.

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